How to choose food packaging bags correctly

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  With the continuous development of various industries, plastic packaging bags are also widely used. At present, there are many types of plastic packaging bags on the market, especially shopping malls are also "gathering places" for plastic packaging bags. Did you choose the right food packaging bags? Now Julong company teaches you how to choose the right plastic packaging bag:

  1. The thicker the plastic bag, the better? There are strict standards for plastic bags, especially plastic bags used to hold food. You must choose from reliable manufacturers. The quality of such plastic bags will be guaranteed for products that are approved by the relevant departments. Plastic packaging bags for food must be marked with "food". Check the material used to make the plastic bag to see if the plastic is clean. Qualified plastic bags are very tidy and free of residues, while fake and inferior plastic bags will see stains and residues. The thickness of the plastic bag must exceed 0.025 mm.

  2. The color of plastic packaging products is rich and colorful, and the choice of color packaging is beautiful and generous. Although there are many colors in the plastic bag, we must be careful when choosing it. If it is used in the food category of plastic packaging products, we must choose a simple color from the colorful colors, because it has fewer preservatives. Many dark brown plastic bags are generally made of purchased waste. This raw material cannot directly contact the food.

  3. Repeated use of plastic bags many times. Many homes often have the habit of storing waste plastic bags. In fact, if you apply it, you can maintain a neat and waste plastic bag. However, waste plastic bags should not be used to touch the food and skin, which will cause diffuse damage to people's physical and mental health.

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